After a massive home remodeling project, or a natural disaster, there is often a lot of clean up that needs to be done in order to get your home livable. If you want to save money on cleanup costs, consider cleaning up the debris on your own. 

When you are ready to clear the waste or debris, you need to rent a dumpster to put everything into. This will make disposing of the waste or debris easier. Use the guide below to learn what factors you need to discuss with the dumpster rental company before renting a dumpster to use. 

Determine How Large of a Dumpster You Need

The first thing you need to do is determine how large of a dumpster you need to rent. Contact a dumpster rental company and have an associate come and look at how much debris you need to have hauled away. The associate will be able to determine the approximate weight and size of the debris to let you know what size dumpster you need to rent. 

If you are looking to save money on the rental, you may want to consider renting a smaller dumpster and having it dumped multiple times. Typically, a smaller dumpster will cost less to rent than a larger dumpster. 

Determine What Can Go Into the Dumpster

While the associate is on your property, have them look through the items that you plan to put into the dumpster. Find out if there are any items that cannot legally go into the dumpster or if it is safe for you to put everything into the dumpster that you find during the cleanup process. 

There are many times when appliances, pipes and even ductwork needs to be separated so that it can be taken to a specific location in the landfill. The professional from the company should be able to point out any items that need to be separated during the cleanup effort. 

Determine How Full the Dumpster Can Be

There are restrictions as to how full the dumpster can be. If the dumpster is so full that the items come over the top of the sides of the dumpster, then it would not be safe for the dumpster to be hauled on the road. This restriction exists because items could fall out of the dumpster and create a dangerous situation. 

During your consultation with the rental company’s associate, they will tell you if there are any other restrictions you should know about and they should be able to indicate how high to fill the dumpster before you start to fill it. 

Determine If You Need Permits to Place the Dumpster in Front of Your Home

Some counties have restrictions as to where dumpsters can be legally placed. You may need a temporary permit from the county before you rent the dumpster to ensure that you do not violate any laws or codes that you do not know about. The dumpster company should be able to help you through the process so that you are compliant with any possible laws that may be in place. 

Determine Delivery Details for the Dumpster

Some dumpster rental companies deliver and some do not. A delivery service is very convenient and you may want to choose a company that offers this service. If you do, then you need to arrange for the exact time and date you want the dumpster to be delivered. 

Scheduling this service will allow you to be sure to save a space in front of your home for the dumpster to be placed in and have family and friends ready to help you start loading the debris into the dumpster right away.

When you need a dumpster to help you clean up your home project, contact the professional, friendly team at Waste Carting & Disposal. Our technicians will quickly deliver the right dumpster that will suit all of your needs so that you can start the cleanup process as soon as possible.