Renting a roll-off dumpster can do wonders for your home. The large open bin is just waiting to get filled with junk, but we know it can be hard to part with some of your favorite belongings. Before tucking the unused punch bowl back in your closet, use our easy questionnaire as you go through items in your home. 

Once you've gone through this for a couple items, you'll easily be able to apply it to everything you're considering adding to a dumpster. If you live with multiple people, then everyone in the home can go through these questions together. 

When Is the Last Time You Used It?

The number of times you use an item should come into play when you're throwing it away. No matter what time of year you rent a dumpster, you can use the seasonal rule as you apply this question. 

Because some things are used only seasonally, you should look at each object and ask if you've used it at any point in the past spring, summer, fall or winter. If the answer is no, then it's pretty easy to toss it away in the dumpster. This can apply to both indoor and outdoor items. 

For example, the spare lamp you have in the closet. If you haven't used it in the past year, then toss it in the dumpster. The old lawnmower that hasn't run in three springs. Toss it out as well. You will likely feel as if you are letting go of a heavy burden as you throw out your junk. 

The seasonal rule may also apply to some of your clothes. As you look through dressers and closets, throw away clothes that are beyond repair, that no one would want or that cannot be used as spare fabric should be tossed into the dumpster. 

Does It Have an Expiration Date?

When renting a dumpster, you'll of course want to clean out your fridge and pantry in search of items that have expired and can no longer be cooked. The rest of your home may have expired products as well. Most people have a number of things with expiration dates that should be tossed out. 

This includes sunscreen, various cleaning products, power plugs, car seats, certain types of makeup and bike helmets. Look for the expiration date on random items and toss them out if needed. 

How Often Do You Look Back at Your Children's Schoolwork?

It's only natural for parents to collect every piece of homework and every art class drawing a child completes. These papers, worksheets and folders can quickly pile up. But do you really need to keep that notebook from fifth-grade geography class? 

The best way to remember your children's schoolwork is digitally. It's so easy to snap a picture of the school work you love and save it on your phone. Your phone can be home to literally thousands of pictures instead of having them fill up space in your home. It's a lot easier to just keep digital pictures instead of piles of papers. Everything else can get tossed in the dumpster. 

Is It Worth Selling? Is It Easily Replaceable?

As you go through your home, you may be reluctant to throw away things you think you can sell for some cash. In most cases, the items are worth far less than you realize. This is especially true with old electronics and video games. 

Unless it's an Apple device or a Mario game, there really isn't much value there. Antiques and jewelry should be considered for their selling amounts, but the classic football-shaped phone in the garage can be tossed away. 

It's also easy to get rid of stuff you can purchase new versions of in the future. This includes extra dining items like plates, cups and forks, or household goods like towels and sheets. 

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